About Our Company

Making the world of parcels more interesting!

Low Cost Parcels is a national company with a local feel. Over the last seven years, LCP has been providing quality services to predominantly small and medium businesses, as well as individuals making use of eBay and Amazon facilities. With its superb IT platform and integration tools, LCP is helping people save time and money every day, and helping them extend their reach.

Whether it's a Next Morning urgent delivery, or an Economy Parcel for delivery in 2/3 days, the collection experts at LCP are pleased to help. Unlike other companies, LCP can respond to requests for a same day collection, if booked by noon.

Community Spirit

Low Cost Parcels is keen to get involved with local community projects, and charities.

As an example, LCP has helped raise funds for St Oswald's Hospice, which is based in Newcastle and offers care for people with life-limiting conditions.

If you think we can help your charity or special project, please get in touch.


There is no doubt that the company has a culture best described as 'quirky'. This is not just borne out by the unusual logo. The approach (whilst professional) is certainly not conventional - which in some part has been the key to signifigant growth over the last seven years. For instance the staff and guests make good use of the meeting room, which is actually a fully functioning pub. This is just one example of our approach - looking at things differently.

Aside from more obvious things, the LCP business model encourages rapid growth and development for regional Partners without up-front costs or fees that simply hamper new enterprises. As for the characters who comprise the staff, words cannot do justice to the mix of personalities.

Key People

Our Van Drivers are the face of the company, and the LCP expertise in collections is evident from the pride taken by these key players in the success we enjoy - and share with our clients.

The national operation is managed by a dedicated team of regional managers with local knowledge and expertise - they are on hand to support your logistical needs, which isn't typical with other national courier companies.

Our team at Head Office come from a variety of backgrounds, adding depth and knowledge to the organisation. Some of the board have held senior positions with other national carriers, whilst others are from external organisations with a fresh perspective, for instance having worked for London based marketing agencies.

We Care

Client Services and Customer Service staff are on hand to help, via telephone, web chat, email and online tickets.

This level of accessibility and our willingness to help are there both for clients holding accounts, and for customers receiving parcels. Low Cost Parcels wants to help you increase your reach!

For our clients, we can provide valuable trading analysis reports. This input that can help improve efficiency and help clients ensure the most cost effective solution is used for every shipment.


A Rolls Royce service but without the cost. The LCP roadshow helped spread the word. At £287,000 we think it could be the most expensive mobile advert!

LCP offers fantastic value, and clients enjoy a great experience without being expected to pay premium rates.


We are extremely proud of our IT innovations and the team behind the scene innovating the parcel industry.

LCP invests heavily in IT with the sole objective of making the process of sending parcels easier so that our clients can do so with minimal effort. Whether it is our eBay or Amazon tools or APPs - we will certainly save you time.