Five Ways To Kill The Office Dog

Mark McManus | June 2017
Meet Nancy.

Nancy is our office dog here at the Low Cost Parcels head office in North Shields.

Nancy loves it here. She gets to chase people around, welcome visitors, sleep under our pool table.

She’s our sniffer dog. She helps around the office and lets...
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Shipping Lithium Batteries - with Low Cost Parcels

Mark McManus | May 2017
Lithium batteries (sometimes called Lithium cells) are brilliant.

They’re one of those pieces of modern technology that just works away in the background, keeping our world running, without even being noticed.

Do you have an iPad? An electric car? A...
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How to package a parcel - the Low Cost Parcels way

Mark McManus | May 2017
Sending a parcel is easy right?

Just stick the item you’d like to send in a suitable container, slap an address label on it, call a courier to collect it, and Bob’s your Auntie’s Uncle’s Monkey’s cat. No?

Well, no. At Low Cost Parcels we make...
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