Frequently Asked Questions

When will my parcel be delivered?

Parcels are generally delivered between the hours of 7.00am and 9.00pm, although for business addresses, drivers will usually attempt delivery between 8.00am and 6.00pm. Please do not phone for information on progress as it is not possible for us to provide any ETA.

Will I need to sign for my parcel?

The need for a signature is dependent upon the service level selected by the sender, which determines whether the driver must only release goods upon receipt of a signature, or whether it is acceptable for the parcel to be left without a signature, in a dry, safe and secure location. If you are not at home, drivers will usually attempt to deliver to a neighbour before leaving a card.

How can I track my parcel?

If the sender has relayed details to you of the unique parcel reference, then you will be able to see progress by entering this tracking code. If the sender has included your email address in the booking details, you will receive email alerts regarding ‘out for delivery’, ‘left with neighbour’, ‘card left’ or ‘delivered’.

How do I rearrange delivery after receiving a card?

Different carriers have their own procedures, but most follow a similar process for logging delivery attempts, and responding to requests for re-delivery. In some cases, the card left/posted will show the number for the local depot, especially if the parcel is large, and has been returned via the carrier’s van. In other cases, there may be a mobile number for you to make contact directly with the local courier who will have retained your parcel ready for a reattempt. Please follow the directions provided on the card left for you.

Collecting from a Depot

Should you opt to visit a parcel depot to collect your parcel(s) then please make sure you first agree with the depot directly on a time by which the item(s) will have been brought back and made available for collection. Obviously you will need to take some ID with you.

If the item is damaged, how do I log this?

You should contact the sender directly, to register details. This should be done at the earliest opportunity, as there are limitations for the sender in submitting any claim, if appropriate. The sender will decide on what can be done to rectify the situation. Please do not contact Low Cost Parcels or any Courier Partner Network.


The service you will receive should be in line with the level of service selected by the sender, who can determine the timescale for delivery, the options regarding items being left safe, and whether delivery is made on a Saturday or not. Whilst every effort is made by carriers to conform with service level agreements, there are no guarantees and occasionally things unfortunately go wrong, with resultant delays. Low Cost Parcels works with its courier partner networks to maintain a high overall standard of service, but some matters are beyond its control. Please liaise with the sender if you have any matters that need addressing, as the sender is best placed to make an evaluation, and in turn liaise with Low Cost Parcels if appropriate.